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Weather. Very mild climate with no drastic extremes in temperature.

However in the intermediatery seasons (autumn and spring), Berg winds are often experienced, with high temperatures

Winters are neither extremely cold, with frost never being recorded at the weather stations

Idealic holiday weather is experienced from January to March and can even stretch beyond.

Although many complain about the wind it is an asset to keep our climate temperate and to remove air pollutants from the area.



Visitors to the Bluewater Bay Beach should remember that they will be swimming in the Indian Ocean.  There are strong currents.  The lifeguards on duty are trained to understand the conditions and set up the beach for bathing.  Swim only between the flags and obey orders from lifeguards.


Other Safety tips:  

·      Always check local conditions (weather) prior to going to beach

·      Look for warning signs as they will advise you where to swim

·      The safest areas are selected and controlled by the lifeguards

·      Swimmers should never swim alone

·      Children should always be under adult supervision

·      Do not swim when immediately after meals

·      Avoid long periods in the water, especially when its cold

·      Have emergency number on speed dial - 10111

·      Raise on arm when in difficulty

·      Check with lifeguards regarding floatation toys (all are not SABS approved floatation devices)

·      Do not try assist, rather call for help. You are more valuable on dry land than risking your life.



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